Built by Professionals, for Professionals

We are a team of technology folks who have been in the affiliate marketing business for some time and are currently managing a number of niche sites. Our goal is to create, develop and operate some of the best available tools for like-minded Internet marketers who are looking to improve their business acumen by increasing their their operational efficiency. Too much of our time is spent on repetitive “housekeeping” chores when managing our web properties so we, at MNM, are committed to change the operational paradigm- to support your efforts to best serve your customers directly, to increase your brand awareness and value and to ultimately drive new business to you.

Our first serious entry into this market revolves around our history with managing content and its distribution to the many web sites, blogs and posts that we perform daily. We believe that content creation is one of the most important aspects of running a web-based business while managing that content should not be so time consuming- robbing you of valuable time and effort. So we want to automate as much of the “back-end” operations as possible- realizing that no system can be completely automated (and still deliver the level of customer service that we demand!), we have built a strong group of people to support the automated systems and processes. Working together, we think we can make a real difference for you!

We are in constant development; refining our offerings based on feedback from our clients, plotted against our technology roadmap. Our vision is to offer a full suite of capabilities that is unmatched and allowing for a single point of contact for all your web, operational functionalities. We hope you can join us in our journey!